Thursday, November 15, 2012

Challenge #17

Ugh, it's that time of year that we all seem to hate ... once the clocks change I am totally unmotivated and just feel like curling up under a blanket and watching TV.  I don't know about you, but I'd MUCH prefer to have more light in the evening vs. the morning.   

Ok, I'm done complaining about the time change now ... let's all move onto happier things ... how about the color palette for challenge #17?!  

The twist for this challenge is to use staples on your layout.

So, Lisa and I spent last weekend at a crop and managed to knock out 20 pages each (we're both thrilled with that total!).  Each of us brought our laptops and in the process, we noticed how totally different each one displays the color combos!  WOW!  Even as I type this, my Mac displays them totally different from my Windows laptop ... at the crop, I totally saw that bottom color as a blue ... sitting here at my Mac, it's a purple-ish color ... so, do the best you can with what your monitor displays!

Let's talk prizes again:

Remember, this month we're happy to feature Paper Issues as our sponsor.

They've generously donated a $20 gift certificate for one lucky lady!

To have your name dropped in the prize hat you've got to complete 2 of the 4 challenges for the month of November. We'll drop your name in the hat twice for the first 2 and if you link up for challenges 3 and 4 we'll drop your name in 2 more times! So, if you play along for all 4 challenges in November, you'll get 4 chances to win!


Check out what our amazing Design Team created for this challenge:
Jakki Weddle



Maria Blanco

Pam Pritzl

Marianne Barone

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