Thursday, December 13, 2012

Challenge #21

Here we are, just a few short weeks before Christmas!  How many of you are finished with your shopping?  What about the wrapping?   Is there anyone out there who hasn't even started yet?! 

I'd love to take a poll:

Has the holiday season kept you from your usual scrappy time?  Are you finding it it tough to steal a few moments to work on challenges?

For this challenge:   Use the word  TWISTED  or  SPIN  in your title or journaling

Here's what our awesome Design Team came up with for this one:


  1. Ok, you all can hate me know! I am 100% done shopping and 100% done wrapping! I have a snoopy son, so I wrap everything the day I buy it! I think I would have more scrappy time during this season if I didn't overcommit myself. I'm either attending or hosting a total of 6 parties... so far, I've made 16 dozen cookies for these parties, but I don't think it's enough.

  2. I know that I don't have all that much scrappy time during the holiday season. I would love to have more . . . Oh and I really like what the design team did with this challenge! Awesome layouts!!!