About Us

Pam and I met long before scrapbooking was the thing to do.  We were both working full time in the IT field, which is really far from our calling. Pam lost her job and moved on to another company and I had a child, resulting in a stay-at-home situation.  Nothing drives a wedge between friendships more than that.  Here we were, on two very separate roads.

I was struggling to identify with this new life I had and was slowly losing touch with most of my friends, and I didn’t like it. I sent out an email to Pam in an attempt to reconnect. It was really a cry for help. Pam heard my cry. We exchanged a few emails and discovered that while apart, we both obtained a passion for this new hobby called scrapbooking.

I honestly don’t remember how much time had passed, but we ended up scheduling a weekend get-away at this fabulous, off the beaten path, scrapbooking cabin in Michigan. We were hooked! After that, we managed to get together to scrapbook on a regular basis, that is, until my husband lost his job and we moved from Michigan to Tennessee. Miles are just that, miles. Our friendship had grown to something that mileage could not separate. We still planned weekends to scrapbook at a mid-point about twice a year, which was great, but we soon discovered that it just wasn’t enough.

Pam discovered the marvelous world of online challenges, with a sense of community. We alternately picked a challenge, set a deadline, and scrapped it. We could still scrapbook together even though we were 800 miles apart.

The online scrapbooking community is a great tool to meet some incredibly talented woman (and men). Whether you are stuck or just looking for something new, it is also an amazing location to gain inspiration. Pam and I wanted a piece of that world, so here we are.

Enjoy the ride at Color Me Scrappy!

Lisa Haiss