Thursday, December 27, 2012

Challenge #23

So, how was everyone's Xmas?   I hope Santa was good to y'all and brought lots of scrappy inspiration and goodness! 

This is a very sad Xmas story posted on fb by a good friend of mine.  Her children were still believers .... my heart broke to think that their world was shattered on Xmas Eve, of all times: 

Matt and I took the kids to mass at St. Joseph's at 4pm today. Father Robert called all the kids up front to be his helpers. He sat them all down on the altar and told them all that there is NO Santa Claus and that he has scientific proof. He listed off all the reasons there is no Santa and told them that the parents buy all the gifts. Matt and I sat frozen in our pew as we watched our children up there stunned. When the kids came walking back we got up and left mass. Many families walked out with us. Sarah and Stephanie cried the whole way home and we had to try to convince them that a Catholic priest does not know what he is talking about. We are all still very upset and will no longer be attending St Joseph's church. Stephanie is an altar server at this church and we take our kids every single Sunday to mass. We are shocked and saddened by our Christmas Eve being torn apart. If he wanted to prove a point that Christmas has become too much about spending money and not enough about the season of Advent and Jesus being born, then he should have spoken to the adults! This was the children's choir mass. He was out to prove a point but it had nothing to do with innocent children. How many families tonight in Holly have to pick up the pieces!!!

Here's the color palette for this challenge:

Twist:  use a BLACK background

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Challenge #22

Christmas is right around the corner, but I'm pretty excited about it this year because I am home with my family.  For the last 3 years, we lived away from family and it really made the Holiday Season more stressful.  I ordered all the kids presents online and had them shipped either to my dad's house or my mother-in-laws.  Then, when we came to town, usually 2 days before Christmas, I had to rush around and wrap everything and of course, find those last minute gifts for the ones that I missed.

This year is much more relaxed.  All my presents are wrapped and under the tree, I have lights decorating the exterior of the house, and overall, I am one cool cucumber.  A total opposite from years past.

Let's not forget our fabulous sponsor for December.
The Beary Scrap has generously given a $20 GC to their store!!!  Be sure to check out their site for the latest and the greatest supplies on the market!
Let's move onto the next challenge.  This challenge runs from
December 20, 2012
January 3, 2013
This color palette is a great one.  We've decided to stay away from the traditional Christmas colors to give you a challenge.  Think outside the box on this one...  have fun with it!
For this challenge, you must use
on your layout!
Let's see what our DT has come up with for this challenge...


Monday, December 17, 2012

November Winners

Our first month of the new format is now complete. How did you think it went? It seems that the challenges just kept coming. I think it is going to take some time to get used to the new format. With the deadlines 2 weeks from reveal, does that give everyone enough time? We value your input, good or bad, so please let us know what you think.

Moving on to the winners!!! We first want to announce our guest designer positions for January. These have the opportunity to join our DT for 1 month. You will be emailed the color palettes and requirements ahead of time, so you can reveal your pages along with our DT.

These winners are:

Please send me an email with your contact information to and I will forward the January challenges so you can get started!
The random winner for our prize from November is:
Stephanie DiSabato
Congratulations, you won the $20 gift certificate from Paper Issues!  Send me an email at and I will get you in contact with Cassie at Paper Issues.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Challenge #21

Here we are, just a few short weeks before Christmas!  How many of you are finished with your shopping?  What about the wrapping?   Is there anyone out there who hasn't even started yet?! 

I'd love to take a poll:

Has the holiday season kept you from your usual scrappy time?  Are you finding it it tough to steal a few moments to work on challenges?

For this challenge:   Use the word  TWISTED  or  SPIN  in your title or journaling

Here's what our awesome Design Team came up with for this one:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Challenge #20

December is here!

I am amazed at how fast the season is flying by.  It seems like we just started school and now, here it is, almost Christmas.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I LOVE the Christmas season.  The last couple of years, I've been living away from family, so celebrating the season had a little stressful.  Since we've moved back to Michigan, near family, my spirit has returned.  I'm nearly done with all my shopping and boy, what a relief that is.

Now that my kids are a bit older, we've been discussing how we can help others during this time of year.  Much to my surprise, they'd like to work in a soup kitchen.  This is one of those moments that could really teach them something that will stay with them forever.


So, since we are starting the December challenges, we have a new sponsor in the house.  Let's give it up for The Beary Scrap!  Kimm has been very generous with us and has agreed on a $20 gift certificate to her store. **Big Smile**


If you want this prize, you've got to participate!  For each challenge you do, you name is entered for this fabulous prize.  If you complete 1 challenge, your name goes in 1 time...  2 challenges, 2 times.  You get the idea.

Get your creative hats on.  We are looking forward to your creations!

Ok, this is my second take at this post!  Can you believe I forgot to post the actual challenge?  Where is my mind lately?  LOL

I hope you enjoy this challenge.  I know that I sure did.  And what a great word "challenge" because that is exactly what it was for me.  Purple is really not my goto color, so my choices were a bit limited, but doesn't that deep purple just pop?

And since we are back to the first challenge of the month, here is the sketch to go along with the color challenge.


Good luck and have fun!
Let's move on to the Design Team!






Thursday, November 29, 2012

Challenge #19

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Good, I hope! How many of you cooked? This was my first year taking the cooking reigns from my Mom or one of my Aunts ... and I'm pleased to say that it was a success (well, except for the rolls ... we won't talk about the fact that we tried to make my Aunts famous rolls, only to fail miserably and send my Mom scurrying to the store for a package of them). Turkey was moist, potatoes were buttery and fluffy ... overall, I was EXHAUSTED but thrilled that I pulled it off! What about Black Friday shopping? Anyone brave enough to go out on Thanksgiving night? Friday morning sales? We made it as far as Home Depot to buy a $17 ladder and then retreated home to couch ... for a slice of pie and a nap. I did go out on Saturday afternoon and was SHOCKED at how few shoppers there were. The only line/chaos I encountered was at Michael's (hard to believe, I know!) ... all of the shoppers fighting to make sure they were in line in time to use their extra 20% off coupon ... most of them had scrapbooking stuff in tow, as well!

Here's the fantastic color palette we've got to work with this time:


Here's what our awesome Design Team came up with for this one:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Challenge #18

I have a huge OOPS to confess!!

I forgot to draw a random winner for the month of October.  The prize last month was a mystery bag of goodies.  I'm sending my deepest appologies!!  I guess it's better late than never.

The random winner from October is Tabitha.  She was the 2nd entry from Challenge #14.  Here is her winning LO:

Please send me an email at to claim you prize.  You have 1 week to contact me.  I'll draw another winner if I do not receive an email!

We've had a few comments saying that the challenges are coming too fast.  I'm curious to get everyone's thoughts on this.  Either shoot us an email with you thoughts at or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
I just want to remind everyone that even though we have switched to weekly challenges, you still have 2 full weeks to complete each challenge.
Also, you do NOT have to complete every challenge to be eligible for our monthly prize!

Let's move onto the new challenge!
Look at these fabulous colors.  I was in awe of these.  I think they are fabulous.  They are a bit muted, but we like to give everyone a wide variety to work with.
Have fun!
In addition to the color combo, you need to ues a kraft background.  It can be plain or patterned.

Let's check out what the DT has come up with!

These women are all waiting for you to stop by and see their creations up close.  Be sure to drop by their blog to say hello!