Thursday, December 27, 2012

Challenge #23

So, how was everyone's Xmas?   I hope Santa was good to y'all and brought lots of scrappy inspiration and goodness! 

This is a very sad Xmas story posted on fb by a good friend of mine.  Her children were still believers .... my heart broke to think that their world was shattered on Xmas Eve, of all times: 

Matt and I took the kids to mass at St. Joseph's at 4pm today. Father Robert called all the kids up front to be his helpers. He sat them all down on the altar and told them all that there is NO Santa Claus and that he has scientific proof. He listed off all the reasons there is no Santa and told them that the parents buy all the gifts. Matt and I sat frozen in our pew as we watched our children up there stunned. When the kids came walking back we got up and left mass. Many families walked out with us. Sarah and Stephanie cried the whole way home and we had to try to convince them that a Catholic priest does not know what he is talking about. We are all still very upset and will no longer be attending St Joseph's church. Stephanie is an altar server at this church and we take our kids every single Sunday to mass. We are shocked and saddened by our Christmas Eve being torn apart. If he wanted to prove a point that Christmas has become too much about spending money and not enough about the season of Advent and Jesus being born, then he should have spoken to the adults! This was the children's choir mass. He was out to prove a point but it had nothing to do with innocent children. How many families tonight in Holly have to pick up the pieces!!!

Here's the color palette for this challenge:

Twist:  use a BLACK background


  1. I love everyone's work! I don't love the what the priest did! Horrible!

  2. OMG! That is just simply mean. He had no right to out Santa. I agree the holiday has lost some of the true meaning of Christmas, but as you said...preach to the adults, not to the innocent children. Poor little things, childhood is so fleeting and in today's world they grow up so quick...too fast. Let them be a kid for just a moment in time. I hope your children were able to get over their heartbreak and you were still able to have a Merry Christmas. My prayers go out for this priest for "those with great power, require great responsibility."

  3. oh, my god I can't believe this priest did this to the children who believe in Santa. heck, I still believe in Santa. I hope there is many ways to explain about Christmas..

    beautiful layouts!

  4. That priest did a very un-merry thing!!
    But I absolutely love all if these pages!
    Merry Christmas!